What We Do

The Auctioneer Licensing Board is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Auctioneers Law, which establishes specific standards of conduct that serve to protect the public; affords a means of redress of grievances of any person suffering damage by reason of misconduct relating to sales at auction, and provides a means of monetary restitution for loss suffered.

Licensing auctioneers and auction businesses increases public confidence in the profession by providing a means of determining the ability, general knowledge, integrity, and good character of those permitted to practice, and a means of deterring fraudulent or dishonest dealings and unethical conduct.

It is the responsibility of the Auctioneer Licensing Board to assure that the qualifications and activities of those engaged in auctioneering are in accord with the law and in the best interest of the public; to receive and act upon license applications; issue, suspend or revoke licenses; adopt rules and regulations, and take such other actions as may be necessary to enforce the provisions of the Auctioneers Law. The Licensing Board is not a board of arbitration and has no jurisdiction to settle disputes between parties concerning the rate or division of commissions, pay of assistants, and similar matters of contract.

The Board holds monthly public meetings; sponsors and underwrites educational seminars and other forms of educational projects having to do with the advancement of the auction profession in North Carolina; administers auctioneer examinations; investigates complaints, and holds administrative hearings as needed.