Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I file a complaint against a licensee?
    You may download a complaint form or contact this office to request that a complaint form be mailed to you. Complete the form, have it notarized, compile any supporting information, and mail the form and the supporting information to the N.C. Auctioneer Licensing Board’s office.
  2. If I am not going to use my license for a long period of time, can I allow it to go into a lapsed status?
    Yes, you can let your license lapse for up to two years.
  3. Can I renew a lapsed license?
    Yes, if you have provided proof of continuing education credits prior to May 16th of each year, you can renew your license by completing a license renewal application and submitting a $150.00 license fee and a $50.00 lapsed fee for taking the license out of a lapsed status.
  4. Can I renew an inactive license?
    No. Licenses lapsed or suspended in excess of 24 months are not renewable. You must apply for a new license and meet all of the existing requirements.
  5. Why did I not receive an application to renew my license this year?
    Either you have not provided this agency with a current mailing address or you have not provided proof of completion of continuing education for the next licensing period.
  6. When is the latest date that I can submit proof of my completion of the required continuing education before having to submit a late fee?
    On or before May 15th of each year.
  7. Can I provide proof of completion of continuing education after the May 15th date deadline?
  8. How many continuing education hours do I need per year?
    Currently four hours are required per year. However, the Board may change this amount at the April Board meeting for the upcoming year if needed.
  9. How can I check to see if I have provided enough hours of continuing education to have met this year’s requirement?
    Check correspondence that you have received from this agency, such as envelopes, Law and Rule books, and Auctioneer Association of North Carolina’s magazines. At the top of all mailing labels, it lists how many continuing education hours you have currently and it also lists how many continuing education hours you have for carry over for the next year. Also, you can contact this office via email or telephone and be provided with this information.
  10. Can I use other continuing education credits from other licenses that I possess to fulfill my requirements for my auctioneer or auction firm license?
    Yes, the Board will accept real estate continuing education but proof of completion must be provided to the N.C. Auctioneer Licensing Board.
  11. How often is the North Carolina auctioneer examination given?
    Six times a year, on the first Thursday of February, April, June,  August, October, and December.