Disciplinary Results

Oberoi, Gulshan Kumar  NCAL# 6691  (Potomic, MD)

Effective October 18, 2000, Mr. Oberoi voluntarily permanently surrendered his North Carolina auctioneer license. This action resulted from Mr. Oberoi who was not exempt under G.S. 85B-2 for selling or offering to sell goods or real estate at auction in North Carolina without holding a current valid auctioneer; for engaging in unprofessional conduct; for obtaining or attempting to obtain compensation by fraud or deceit; for failure to possess truth, honesty and integrity sufficient to be entitled to the high regard and confidence of the public; and for advertising a house without intending to offer that house for sale at the advertised auction. A Settlement Agreement and Consent Order were entered into between the Board and Mr. Oberoi, prior to a scheduled hearing, in which he agreed to the above stipulations. Mr. Oberoi neither admitted nor denied the findings of fact and conclusions of law.