Disciplinary Results

Godwin, George S  NCAL# 5351  (Spring Hope, NC)

Effective August 10, 2015, George S. Godwin's auctioneer license was revoked violation of NCGS 85B-7 No licensee shall conduct an auction in this State without first having a written agreement with the owner of any property to be sold. The agreement must contain the terms and conditions upon which the auctioneer received the goods for sale. The licensee shall provide the owner with a signed copy of the agreement and shall keep at least one copy for this own records for two years from the date of the agreement. Copies of all contracts shall be made available to the Commission or its designated agent upon request; NCGS 8B-8(a)(3) Any failure to account for or to pay over within a reasonable time, not to exceed 30 days, funds belonging to another which have come into the licensees possession through an auction sale; and, NCGS 85B-8(a)(10) Failure to properly make any disclosures to provide documents or information required by this Chapter or by the Commission. Mr. Godwin waived his right to appeal as allowed by law and agreed to the Board`s findings of violations.

Grandeur Luxury Auctions Inc.  NCAL# 10019  (Davidson, NC)

Grandeur Luxury Auctions Inc. voluntarily surrendered its auction firm license effective January 18, 2017.